Production and location services - Made in France

LOCATION IN FRANCE: France has varied styles of architecture and possibly the largest variety of landscapes in Europe. Modern or Old Cities, Forests, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Glaciers, Mediterranean and Ocean beaches, stadiums, historic and imposing Castles, houses and flats, Swan secures locations throughout France.

TALENT IN FRANCE: France benefits from a wide range of ethnicities and nationalities, Paris being one of the worlds’ biggest trendy metropoles. Yet Swan also casts premium talents from around the world.

TAX REBATE FOR INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION: The TRIP (Tax rebate for international production) supports foreign companies whose projects are completely or partly made in France. The amount allocated comprises 30% of the film expenses incurred in France, and caps at € 30 million per project. The TRIP is given to the French company managing the production in France on behalf of the foreign producer.

LANGUAGE SPOKEN : English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian.