Eletric Indigo - Trailer
Directed by Jean-Julien Collette

Comedy Drama - 24’ - HD – 2,35 - Color – Belgium / France 2013

Casting : Margot, Christelle Cornil, Rubén Tomas, Tony Denman
Written and Directed by Jean-Julien Collette
Producers : Laurent Denis, Jonathan Hazan
Image : Manu Dacosse
Sound : Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
Edition : Bruno Tracq
Audio Mixer : Rémi Gérard
Production Companies: Cookies Films, Les Films du Cygne

With the support of UFILM, in association with UFUND & USHORT, the Audiovisual and Cinema Center, the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation and the Voo (TV-NET-TEL).