By David Kremer

David KREMER (France). Born December 7th 1981.
After a childhood in Nantes and Chambéry, David Kremer begins his studies in Brest. He’s working there in order to become a soung engineer. He finally joins the FEMIS school, image section.  Since then, he only works has Cinematographer, and will never stop studying the underwater pictures.After his childhood in Nantes and Chambery, David Kremer start his study in Brest. He is working in the purpose to become sound engeneer. Meanwhile, he became interested by shooting. And use the Bretagne region for experiment what would become his passion and job. We can find his work has director in short films like, « Coups de filet » 2007, « L’étoile du matin » in 2013 and his first long documentary « Seuls, ensemble » in 2015. « Dogless. » his is first « on earth » short film…

French Festivals:
. Festival + le court  of Altkirch (France, April 2016)
. 7th West Film Festival (France, June 2016)
. Festival CourtsCourts in Tourtour (France, July 2016)
. 6th Festival Chacun son court in Strasbourg (France, October 2016)
. 5th Festival Tournez-Court in Saint-Etienne (France, October 2016)
. 20th Short Films Festival Ecran Libre (France, November 2016) - 20 years Award
. 13th Festival Paris Courts Devant (France, November 2017)
. 9th Rencontres du Court de Montpellier (France, March 2018)

International Festivals:
. Shorts of the Year (Spain, May 2016)
. One Shot International Short Film Festival (Armenia, June 2016) - Jury Special Mention
. Slum Film Festival (Kenya, Août 2016)
. 10ème Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival (Grèce, Septembre 2016)
. Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara FESCIGU (Spain, October 2016)
. FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (Spain, October 2016)
. KineNiva International Film Festival Skopje (Macedoine, Octobre 2016)
. 17th Izmir International Short Film Festival (Turkey, November 2016)
. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Cine a la Calle (Colombia, May 2017)
. 10th Festival internacional de cine bajo la luna (Spain, Summer 2017)
. 1rst Hancheng International Short Film Festival (China, October 2017)
. Muestra Internacional de Cortometraje Ixtenco (Mexico, November 2017)
. Festival Internacional de Cortometraje FIC (Argentina, November 2017)
. 5th Drabhanga International Film Festival (India, April 2018)
. 14th Rolan IFF for Children and Youth (Armenia, November 2018)

Theaters and Special screenings:
. Theater Le Bretagne in Saint Renan (France, March 2017)

TV Broadcasting:
. TV-Rennes
. TV5 Monde
. Pacific Voice (Japon)
. Shorts TV

Synopsis: Our story begins in a Police station, one hot summer’s afternoon with the sun beating down on every living thing. A bored cop ends up giving a, not‐so‐young, kid a ride, accompanying his dog’s last journey.

Drama - 22’ - HD – 2,35 - Color – France 2016

Casting: Virgile Bramly, Leo Lorléac'h
Director: David Kremer        
Screenplay: David Kremer     
Production: Sarah Coutausse & Jonathan Hazan
Cinematographer: Thomas Brémond
Set Designer:  Julien Fath
Sound:  Mathieu Descamps
Editor: Céline Ducreux
Sound Editor: Pierre Bariaud 
Sound Mixer: Samuel Aïchoun

A coproduction V.O. Films & Les Films du Cygne, TVR, Tébéo, TébéSud. 
With the support of the Region Limousin and the Region Bretagne, of the Department of Finistère, in partnership with the CNC, and of the CNC (COSIP)