By Laëtitia Martinucci

After studying theater (master's degree at the Paris-Sorbonne University), Laëtitia Martinucci worked with theater and dance-theater companies. She then turned to the world of short films. She started screenwriting with Omessa (co-written with Charlène Favier) and won the Nuits Med award in 2014 (pre-bought by France 2) with the scenario for Bleu-Gris (Blue-Grey), a short film she later directed, in 2016. In 2019, she was awarded the Beaumarchais-SACD scholarship to write a new scenario, Lits Froids (Cold Beds), which she directed in 2021.

French Festivals: 
. Festival Les Nuits Med de Furiani (France, April 2017)
. Festival Tout Court ! in Gisors (France, July 2017)
. Festival Des Notes et des Toiles (France, September 2017)
. 17th European Short Film Festival of Nice – Un Festival c’est Trop Court ! (France, October 2017)
Shorts from here Award
. 2nd Festival Court en Scène (France, November 2017)
. Festival International Entr'2 Marches of Cannes (France, May 2018)
. Festival Les Clayes du Cinéma (France, June 2018)
. New Cinemas Festival Cinefac (France, June 2018)

International Festivals: 
. 18ème Lucania Film Festival (Italie, Août 2017)
. 28ème Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brésil, Août-Septembre 2017)
. Tuzla Film Festival (Bosnie-Herzégovine, Octobre 2017)
. Thess International Short Film Festival (Grèce, Décembre 2017)
. Festival Vues dans la tête de… (Canada, February 2018)
. Femcine8 – Festival Cine de Mujeres (Chile, March 2018)
. University of Westminster Film Festival 2018 (USA, March 2018)
. Martovski Festival - Belgrade documentary and short film festival (Serbia, March 2018)
. 7th Athens International Digital Film Festival (Greece, April 2018)
. La Femme Film Festival (USA, April 2018) Best Film Award
. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Cine a la Calle (Colombia, May 2018)
. Carte Blanche Les Nuits Med – Valletta Malte (Malta, June 2018)
. San Benedetto Film Fest (Italy, July 2018)
. Incinerante Fest (Colombia, August 2018)
. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2018)
. Festival De Cine Infantil y Juvenil Cinemegaguay (Colombia, October 2018)
. Minikino Film Week 4 – Bali International Short Film Festival (Indonesia, October 2018)
. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Lincoln (Argentina, November 2018)
. Festival Internacional de Leon (Mexico, November 2018)
. "El Novelissimo" International Debut Film Festival in Extremadura (Spain, November 2018)
. Mira Lincoln - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Lincoln (Argentina, November 2018)
. 29th Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey, December 2018)
. La muestra BiciCine (Medellin) (Colombia, March 2019)
. 9th Festival Internacional des Cortometraje FIC (Argentina, April 2019)

TV Broadcasting:
. France 2 (France)
. Shorts TV USA

DVD Distribution:
. RDM-Vidéo

Synopsis: End of August. Corsica. Elbe, 17 years old, deaf since birth, is vacationing at her older sister Mathilde.
​One day, during her visit of the Revellata lighthouse, she catches a glimpse of a man who is coming out of the sea after scuba diving... 

Drama - 15’ - HD – 2,39 - Color – France 2017

Direction & Screenplay: Laëtitia Martinucci 
Casting: Ariane Rivoire, Jérémy Alberti, Laurie Lévêque
Photography: Yann Maritaud
Sound: Thomas François
Production: Jonathan Hazan

With the support of the CNC, the Corsica fund, of France 2, of ADAMI and Procirep-Angoa.
In partnership with Air Corsica.