Directed by Laurent Michelet

Born in Brussels, Laurent Michelet has studied graphic arts and communication before becoming an assistant director and story boarder. With the advent of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in the late 90s, he joined the world of animation as a 3D modeler at nWave Pictures, which develops IMAX films. Also passionate for staging, he wrote and directed the teaser of "Fishboy" a fantastic modern tale, produced by Title Films. He is also monitoring the writing of the eponymous feature film with the screenwriter Gregory Cavinato. For several years, Laurent Michelet continued directing and artistic directing on various projects for advertising, television and video. In 2013, he worked with writer Fred Castadot on "Fugazi" produced by Cookies Films & Les Films du Cygne, an ambitious short film belonging to his favorite genre: science fiction. Filming took place in 2016 with Vincent Depicker and Alexia Londez in the lead roles. Cookies Films and Les Films du Cygne produced “Fugazi”. 

Festivals France:
. 18th French Speaking Short Film Festival Un Poing c'est Court of Vaulx-en-Velin (France, January 2018)
. Festival Retour à l'Anormal (Décember 2018)

International Festivals & Awards:
. Mons International Love Film Festival (Belgium, February 2017)
. 20th Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium, April 2017)
. Short of the Year (Spain, Spring 2017)
. 25th Festival Le Court en dit Long (Belgium-France, June 2017)
. Simply Shorts : Sci-Fi or Die (Australia, July 2017)
. Filmchilla (USA, September 2017)
. Cyborg Film Festival (Italy, September 2017) - Best Sci-Fi Short Award
. Vãsterås Filmfestival (Sweden, September 2017)
. Great Lakes International Film Festival (USA, September 2017)
. Trash Film Festival (Croatia, September 2017)
. 23rd Drama International Short Film Festival (Greece, September 2017) - Special Award TV5 Monde
. Sanford International Film Festival (USA, October 2017) - Best Special Visual Effects Award
. Sedicicorto International Film Festival  (Italy, October 2017)
. Slum Film Festival (Kenya, October 2017)
Best Internacional Film Award
Best Production Design Award
Best Editor Award

. Obscura Film Festival Berlin (Germany, October 2017)
. Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (USA, October 2017) - Best Sci-Fi Short Award
. 5th Festival of first european shorts – Les Enfants Terribles (Belgium, October 2017)
. Maniatic International Film Festival (Spain, October 2017) - Best FX Award
. Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival 2017 (USA, October 2017)
Best Special Effects
Best Acting

. Savigliano Film Festival (Italy, October 2017)
. 26th Euroshorts European Film Festival (Poland, November 2017) - Best Fiction Award
. Meraki International Short Film Fest 2017 (Spain, November 2017)
. Muestra Internacional de Cortometraje Ixtenco (Mexico, November 2017)
. El Vampirascopio : Muestra de Cine Fantastico y de Terror (Mexico, November 2017)
. Sci-Fi Underground FilmFest (Germany, December 2017)
. FFIFA Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards (Taiwan, December 2017)
Best Action / Sci-Fi Short Award
Best Visual Effects Award
Jury Special Mention for Color Grading

. Festival de Cortos de Bogotá Short Film Festival (Colombia, December 2017)
. Convergence 2018 - Sci-Fi Miami Film Festival (USA, January 2018)
Best Supporting Actor - Vincent Londez
Best Visual Effects - Honorable Mention

. Brussels in Love - La Vénerie (Belgium, February 2018)
. FINDECOIN 2018 - Independent International Short Film Festival "The Day is Short" (Venezuela, February 2018)
. 36th Fantastic international Film Festival of Bruxelles (Belgium, February 2018)
. 19th Landshut Short Film Festival (Germany, March 2018)
. 9th Festival de Cine Castilla La Mancha (Spain, March 2018)
. NanoConInternational Science-Fiction Film Festival (USA, March 2018)
. Flickers'Rhode Island International Film Festival Roving Eye International Film Festival (USA, April 2018)
. 5th Darbhanga International Film Festival (Inde, April 2018)
. Festival La.Meko (Allemagne, April 2018)
. Binch Film Festival (Belgium, June 2018)
. Underground Indie Film Festival - Horror Cult Sci-Fi Fantasy (USA, June 2018)
. Festival Internacional de Cine del Aire el Yelmo (Spain, June 2018)
. FECIBogota - International Independent Film Faire of Bogota (Colombia, June 2018)
. Transilsvania Shorts 2018 (Romania, June 2018) - Best Soundtrack Music Award
. Universal Film Festival (USA, August 2018)
. 9th Picknic Film Festival (Spain, August 2018)
. Woldcon76 Film Festival in San Jose (USA, August 2018)
. Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (India, August 2018) - Second Prize
. ASA Humanitarian Film Festival (Germany, September 2018) - Best director award
. 15th FARGO Fantastic Film Festival (USA, September 2018)
. Tri-Cities International Film Festival (USA, October 2018)
. Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival (India, December 2018)
. Fincortex - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales (Colombia, December 2018)

TV Broadcasting:
. France 3
. BeTV

Synopsis: 2039: ADELE has been working for more than 3 years on ORBIT DEFENCE, a space station in charge of Earth security using drone pilots. Today, is her last routine mission, before she returns home to meet her family, especially her daughter. Without taking Murphy’s Law into account…

Science-Fiction – 29’ – 2K – 2,39 – Color – Belgium/ France 2017

Laurent Michelet
Screenplay: Fred Castadot
Casting: Alexia Depicker et Vincent Londez
Cinematographer: Patrice Michaux 
On Set Photographer: Aurélie Erich
Music: Pierre-Antoine Durand
Production: Laurent Denis & Jonathan Hazan 
Coproduction : Cookies Films

In coproduction with Voo, Be TV, RTBF (Belgium Television), What About Television, Umedia, Ufund, 

With the support of the CNC (programming and production and New Technologies in Production) , of France 3,  of Procirep-Angoa.
Produced with the help of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Center of Federation Wallonie-Brussels and the support of the Secteur Cinema of the Hainaut Province and National Treasures.