By Alice Vial

Alice Vial was born in 1986 in Paris. After making her debut in a dramatic arts school in Paris and playing in several series and short films, Alice is oriented herself towards the writing of screenplays and directing. Her first feature screenplay, The Immortals,  received a Beaumarchais scholarship and was finalist of the Sopadin Award for Best Junior Screenplay 2009.

Alice won the Grand Jury Prize at the International Festival of Screenwriters for her short The man who knew a ray, it was written in the framework of a 48 hours marathon in 2010. The short was produced in 2013 by Easy Tiger. The man who knew a ray was broadcast on France 3 and was selected in several festivals. Since then, Alice has directed three other short films, all produced by Les Films du Cygne: French it up!, Wolf Head and the latest The Winkles (César 2018 Best Short Film).

As a screenwriter, Alice co-wrote the feature film The Innocents with Sabrina B. Karine, it was directed by Anne Fontaine and was released in February 2016. The feature film was nominated for the Best Script at Césars 2017. The film was selected at the Sundance Film Festival and was also short-listed to represent France for the Oscars. Alice also co-wrote an episode of the series Marjorie for France 2. She collaborated on the series Great for OCS and co-created the web series Loulou, in development by Arte Creation. She has also been a screenplay consultant on the film Five, released in 2016.

Today Alice continues to co-write feature films and series, but her burning desire is to make her feature film debut, currently in development. As an actress she plays the female lead, notably in the first film of Palmashow, The mad story of Max & Léon, which was released in 2016.

Alice is a member of a groups of screenwriters know as Les Indélébiles and Mafia Princesse.

. César 2018 - Best Short Film

French Festivals:
. International Short Film Festival of Altkirch Sud Alsace (France, April 2017)
. Unifrance Short Award 2017 selection (France, May 2017) – Jury Special Mention
. 22nd International Festival of Contis (France, June 2017)
. 10th Festival Court Partie(s) de Campagne in Ouroux en Morvan (France, July 2017) - Audience Award
. 40th Festival of Cinema of Douarnenez (France, August 2017)
. 6th Festival Tournez Court in St-Etienne (France, September 2017)
. 3th Festival Des Notes et des Toiles (France, September 2017) - Best Short Film Award,
Jury Special Mention for Tiphaine Daviot, & Young Jury Special Mention

. La Toile en Vrac (France, September 2017)
. 12th  Rencontres Films Femmes Méditerrannée in Marseille (France, October 2017)
. Festival Courts Bouillon, episode 12 (France, October 2017)
. 23rd Festival Jean Carmet 2017 (France, October 2017)
Jury Award Best Actress for Tiphaine Daviot,
Audience Award Best Actress for Tiphaine Daviot,
Young Audience Award

. 30th Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux Film Festival (France, October 2017)
. 17th European Short Film Festival of Nice – Un Festival c’est Trop Court ! (France, October 2017)
. Festival Fenêtres sur Courts of Dijon 2017 (France, November 2017)
. 26th Sarlat Film Festival (France, November 2017)
. 32nd European Film Festival of Brest (France, November 2017)
. 2nd Festival Court en Scène (France, November 2017)
. Family Film Festival of Saint-Ouen (France, November 2017)
. 13th Festival Paris Courts Devant (France, November 2017)
Jury Award
Best Actress Award - Tiphaine Daviot
. 35th Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence (France, Nov-Dec 2017)
. 30th Angers Festival - European First Film Festival (France, January 2018)
. Festival Regards sur le cinéma du monde, Rouen (France, January 2018)
. 15th Festival des 24 courts (France, January 2018)
. 40th International Festival of Clermont-Ferrand - ADAMI program (France, February 2018)
. Festival Un Poing c'est Court of Vaulx-en-Velin (France, January 2018)
. Festival Elles font leur cinéma (France, March 2018)
. 36th Festival Cinema of Alès – Itinérances (France, March 2018)
Audience Award & Special Mention for Rébecca Finet
. 21st European Short Film Festival of Bordeaux (France, March 2018)
. Festival Faites des courts of Brie-Comte-Robet (France, April 2018)
Audience Award
. Short Film Festival of Vélizy-Villacoublay 2018 (France, April 2018)
. 34th Festival of European Cinema of Lille (France, April 2018)
Audience Award
. Festival Les Nuits Med 2018 (France, April 2018)
Cinefeel Award
Max Linder Panorama Award
Grand Action Award
. Courtivore Short Film Festival – Rouen & Mt-St-Aignan (France, May 2018)
. First French Speaking Festival of La Ciotat (France, May 2018)
. 21rst Festival Détours en Cinécourt (France, June 2018)
. International Short-Film Festival on Youth in Rémalard (France, June 2018)
. Cinéma en Liberté #7 Short International Film Festival (France, June 2018)
. Festival CourtsCourts 2018 (France, July 2018)
Audience Award – Malon d’Or
. 3rd Short Film Festival of Saint-Pierre (Novembre 2018)
. 7th Eurydice Short Film Festival of Fécamp (Novembre 2018)
. Festival "Les 4 Vents" of Brie-Comte-Robert (Novembre 2018) - Audience Award
. 7th Festival "Il paraît qu'eux" (February 2019) - Audience Award
. Spring of Cinema Festival of Ruoms (March 2019)
. Festival in Paris - C'est pas la taille qui compte ! (March 2019) - Audience Award
. 32nd International Video Film Festival of Vébron (July 2019)

International Festivals:
. Short of the Year (Spain, Spring 2017)
. 5th Kraljevski Filmski Festival (Serbia, September 2017) - Best Film Award
. 4th Edition of Olhares do Mediterrâneo (Portugal, September 2017)
. 13th French Film Festival of Helvetia (Switzerland, September 2017)
. Filmmaker Day of Turin (Italy, October 2017)
. 1rst Hancheng International Short Film Festival (China, October 2017)
. Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2017 (Italy, October 2017)
. 51st HOF International Festival (Germany, October 2017)
. 14th Filmfest Eberswalde (Germany, October 2017)
. Savigliano Film Festival (Italy, October 2017)
. 15th Filmfest Düsseldorf (Germany, November 2017)
Audience Award
. 2017 Brownsville International Film Festival (USA, November 2017)
. 47th ALCINE – Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares (Spain, November 2017)
. 20th French Film Festival in Czech Republic (Czech Republic, November 2017)
. French Cinepanorama of Hong Kong (China, November 2017)
. Torino Short Film Market (Italy, November 2017)
. Thess International Short Film Festival (Greece, December 2017)
. The International Festival of Digital Film (Benin, December 2017)
. 27th Flickerfest's International Short Film Festival (Australia, January 2018)
. 13th Beloit International Film Festival (USA, February 2018)
. Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (Italy, March 2018)
. 7th Ascona Film Festival (Switzerland, March 2018)
. Kontrast Film Fest 2018 (Germany, March 2018)
. 7th Athens International Short Film Festival AIDFF (Greece, March 2018)
2nd Best Movie Award
. Cleveland Film Festival (USA, April 2018)
. La.Meko Short Film Festival (Germany, April 2018)
. French cinema today in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan, April 2018)
. Long Short Night – French Spring in Ukraine (Ukraine, April 2018)
. 5th Darbhanga International Film Festival (India, April 2018)
Best Actress Award
. Colcoa – City of Lights, City of Angels (USA, April-May 2018)
Short Film Special Prize
Short Film Audience Award

. Vienna Independent Short Film Festival (Austria, May 2018)
. Festival Courts d’un Soir Montréal (Canada, May 2018)
. 2018 Reel Shorts Film Festival (Canada, May 2018)
Best Live Action 15+ Minutes Award
. 12th edition Les Nuits en Or (Wordlwide, May-June 2018)
. 18th DeadCenter Film Festival (USA, June 2018)
. XVII edition of Euganea Film Festival (Italy, June 2018)
. Next International Film Festival (Roumania, June 2018)
. Festival Varilux de Cinema Francès (Brazil, June 2018)
. 2018 Indy Shorts International Film Festival (USA, July 2018)
. San Benedetto Film Festival (Italy, July 2018)
Best Actress Award
. 12th International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo (Greece, July 2018)
. Festival of French Cinema of Acaya (Italy, July 2018)
. 33rd Alpinale Short Film Festival (Austria, August 2018)
. Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA, August 2018)
. Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (India, August 2018)
3rd Prize
. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2018)
. Sapporo Short Fest 2018 (Japan, October 2018)
. 16th Tangier Short Film Festival (Morocco, October 2018)
. 26th French Film Festival UK (UK, November 2018)
. Weihnachtsfilmfestival - 3rd International Festival of unconventional Christmas Films (Germany, Décembre 2018)
. Torino Underground Cinefest (Italy, March 2019) - Best Actress Award for Tiphaine Daviot

TV Broadcasting:
. Canal + (France)
. Pacific Voice (Japan)
. TV5 Monde
. BeTV (Belgium)
. OCS (France)
. Shorts TV (USA)

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Theaters and special screenings:
. Program Bretagne Tout Court (Cinéphare)
. Theater Apollo In Pontault-Combault (France, December 2017)
. Program ''Déjà Demain'' - MK2 Odéon Paris (France, January 2018)
. Special Screening – Theater L’Entrepôt Paris (France, March 2018)
. Special Screening – Theater L’Escurial Paris (France, March 2018)
. Special Screening - Theater Max Linder Paris (France, April 2018)
. Special Screening in the prison of Brest (France, April 2018)
. Special screenings « L’Europe en Courts » (France, May 2018)
. Special Sceening Groupe Ouest theater Even in Lesneven (France, May 2018)
. Special screening Plume & Pellicule 2018, Dreamago, Bienne (Switzerland, May 2018)
. Special Screening - Theater Le liberté of Brest (France, July 2018)
. Special Screening - Theater Pax Le Pouliguen (France, July 2018)
. Special Screening - Theater AtlanticLa Turballe (France, July 2018)
. Special Screening - Theater Arletty Saint-Quay-Portrieux (France, July 2018)
. Special screening in Aix-en-Provence (France, August 2018)
. Special Screening - Briton'Success 2018 Brest (France, November 2018)

Synopsis: In Brignogan-Plages, Zoé (30), works with her father, Guy, at his bar "Les Bigorneaux". Since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out by taking everything into her own hands. One morning, Zoé starts suffering from dizziness and nausea, which begins to disrupt her daily life.

Comedy/ Drama - 24’ – 2K – 2,39 - Color – France 2017

Casting: Tiphaine Daviot, Philippe Rebbot, Rébecca Finet
Director: Alice Vial
Screenplay: Alice Vial & Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat
Production: Jonathan Hazan
Cinematographer: Brice Pancot    
Set Designer: Vinciane Amilhon
Costume Designer: Chouchane Abello-Tcherpachian
Sound: Pierre-Albert Vivet
Editor: Nicolas Sarkissian
Sound Editor & Mixer: Sylvain Réty
Composer: Pierre-Antoine Durand                                               

A production from Les Films du Cygne.
With the support of the CNC,  of the Brittany Regional Fund and the Finistère Department, in partnership with the CNC, of the ADAMI, and of the PROCIREP & the ANGOA-AGICOA.