By Ho Lam

Born in Hong Kong, Ho Lam is 46 years old.
He moved with his parents at a very young age to France, to Nice precisely. Following his love for cinema, he moved to Paris to attend a cinema school and shoot his first productions. His first short film, Paul Zadig, was selected at the Sens Festival (1998) and was awarded the “Clap d’or”. In 2002, his documentary-essay Imagine Hong Kong was selected for the Arceuil Festival. In 2008, Bird’s Nest, produced by the G.R.E.C., was shown at the Clermond-Ferrand Festival in the regional section. In 2015, with the Films du Cygne, he directed Mantra, which was selected in numerous national and international festivals (Contis 2016, Villeurbanne 2016, award at the Roberto Di Chiarra Festival 2016 in Argentina etc.). In 2019, he directed his latest short film, The Discrete way, shot in Normandy, still with the Films du Cygne.

French Festivals:
. 32nd International Film Festival of Vébron (July, 2019)
. 5th Music Film Festival - Des Notes et Des Toiles (September, 2019)
. 20th Off-Courts Trouville Film Festival (September, 2019)
. Education International Film Festival of Evreux (December, 2019)
. 5th International Short Film Festival about Youth – Rémalard-en-Perche (France, June 2021)

International Festivals:
. Prishtina International Film Festival (Kosovo, July 2019)
. Short to the Point ISFF Awards (Romania, July 2019)
. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2019)
. Aasha International Film Festival Nashik (India, September 2019)
. Savona International Film Event (Italy, November 2019)
. Tegentsroom International Film Festival (The Netherlands, October 2019)
. 12 Months Film Festival (Romania, November 2019) - Best director award
. Savona Film Event (Italy, November 2019)
. KOQIX Indie (Italy, April 2020)
. OIFF Short Films Festival (Italy, May 2020)
. End of Days Film Festival (USA, May 2020)
. Santorini Film Festival (Italy, August 2020)
. Creation International Film Festival (USA, August 2020)
. Athens International Digital Film Festival (Greece, September 2020) - Best short movie award
. Taoba International Youth Film Festival (Georgia, September 2020)
. Goa Short Film Festival (India, October 2020)
. Kraljevski Filmski Festival (Serbia, October 2020)
. Macau International Short Film Festival (Macau, December 2020)
. Moscow Shorts ISFF (Russia, December 2020)
. 7th Goa Short Film Festival (India, December 2020)
. Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Czech Republic, March 2021)
. 5th Portoviejo Film Festival, Equator (Equator, June 2021)

TV Broadcast:
. TV5 Monde

Theaters and special screenings:
. Screening at Ciné Village in St-Restitut (France, September 2019)
. Special Program "La Quinzaine du court-métrage" in Eure (France, October 2019)
. Screening at INSPE of Fort-de-France (France, March 2020)

Synopsis : Wai, a young Asian man in his twenties, lives at his aunt and uncle’s. He works for them as a delivery man. Trapped in a tedious life conditioned by work and a withdrawn community, he meets a solitary man. This encounter will move him deeply.

Drama - 25' - 2K - 1,85 - Color - France 2019

Casting : Duke Habib, Li Héling, Tapa Sudana, Tien Shue
Director : Ho Lam
Screenplay : Ho Lam
Production : Jonathan Hazan
Cinematographer : Sylvain Rodriguez
Set designer : Etienne David
Costume designer : Chouchane Abello-Tcherpachian
Sound : Romain De Gueltzl
Editor : Nicolas Sarkissian
Sound Editors : Sylvain Réty, Tim Dornbusch
Sound Mixer : Sylvain Réty
Composer : Pierre-Antoine Durand

Produced by Les Films du Cygne.
With the supports of the Normandy Regional Fund, the CNC (Aide au programme de production), the Fund Images de la Diversité, CGET-CNC, of the ADAMI, the PROCIREP, the ANGOA, the Eure Department, and of the Moulin d'Andé-CÉCI.