By Andra Tévy

Andra Tévy was born in Bucharest in 1977. She arrived in France at the age of 18 and studied at FEMIS, in the image department. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a camera assistant for feature films by such outstanding directors as Tony Gatlif, Christophe Honoré, Hiner Saleem, Abdellatif Kechiche, and more. These experiences have nourrished and sharpened her artistic sense.At the same time, she attended drama, dance, and script-writing workshops.
Mur[The Wall], her first short film, was selected by some fifty international festivals, and won around fifteen awards. It was also selected for the 2016 César Awards. Directed in 2020, Summer Time is her second short film.Andra is currently writing her first feature film started during a screenplay writing workshop at FEMIS.

French Festivals:
. Festival Partie(s) de Campagne in Ouroux-Morvan 2020 (July 2020)
. The Size doesn’t matter – Paris (October 2020)
. 19th European Cinema Meetings of Vannes (France, June 2021)
. Place des Courts Festival of Usclas du Bosc (France, July 2021)
. Friday’s Shorts Night in Bourg-en-Bresse (France, October 2021)

International Festivals:
. Short to the Point (Romania, June 2020) – Best comedy award
. Short of the Year 2020 (Spain, July 2020) – Special jury mention
. Creation International Film Festival (USA, July 2020) – Best editing award
. Thess International Shorts 2020 (Greece, October 2020)
. Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards (Portugal, October 2020)
. Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival (Egypt, November 2020)
. Macau International Short Film Festival – Opening film (Macau, December 2020)
. Moscow Shorts ISFF Awards (Russia, December 2020)
. Prague International Film Festival (Czech Republic, January 2021)
. 18th Kalpanirjhar International Short Film Festival (India, February 2021)
. 12th Short Film Festival of Los Angeles (USA, February 2021)
. Taos Shortz Film Festival (USA, March 2021)
. 4th Ouchy Film Awards (Switzerland, April 2021)
. 2021 End of Days Film Festival (USA, May 2021)
. 18th Annual Salento International Film Festival (Italy, September 2021)
. 2021 DC Shorts Film Festival (USA, September 2021)
. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2021)
. Micro u Festival (Greece, October 2021)
. Asti Movie Awards (Italy, November 2021)
. World Independent Cinema Awards, Toronto (Canada, November 2021) - Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film award, Outstanding Leading Actor in a Short Film award, Best Foreign Language short award
. Crossing the Screen (UK, February 2022)
. Short Film Breaks (Romania, December 2022)

TV Broadcasting:
. TV5 Monde
. Shot TV (Russia)


Synopsis : A summer Sunday on a café terrace near the Mediterranean coast. Everyone can’t help but notice their seemingly peaceful neighbors at the other tables. Subjective and distorted perceptions, an impression that the grass is greener elsewhere... The ensuing comparisons and criticisms trigger a crisis at their own tables.

Comedy / drama - 15' - 2K - 1,85 - Color - France 2020

Casting : Ophelia Kolb, Alice Barnole, Sylvain Dieuaide, Hervé Terrisse, Samuel Brafman
Director : Andra Tévy
Screenplay : Andra Tévy & Manoline Beautier
Production : Jonathan Hazan
Cinematographer : Romain Le Bonniec
Set Designer : Alexandre De Susini
Costume Designer : Caroline Spieth
Sound : Jules Valeur
Editor : Michaël Phelippeau
Sound Editor : Sylvain Réty, Jean-Philippe Borgeot, Thibault Alunni
Sound Mixer : Sylvain Réty
Composer : Mathieu Lamboley

Produced by Les Films du Cygne.
With the supports of the CNC, the PACA Regional Fund, in partnership with the CNC, the ADAMI, and the PROCIREP and the ANGOA.