Hello munchkins ! Don't forget these rules

by Alexandre Charlet and Madjid Chamekh

The complete educational toolkit !


This educational toolkit about protective measures includes the following :
- 9 illustrations and further extras -
- 9 adapted and fun movies -
- 9 colouring pictures and further extras -

Lesptitsloups.tv is a community effort born from the clear need to dedramatize current circumstances and illustrate the rules of hygiene and social distancing to children, as life and schools gradually resume back to normal life, offering children a simple, fun and educational approach.

Entitled « Rules to remember… to protect myself and the others », the campaign is aimed at pre-school and primary school children and is directed by Alexandre Charlet, inspired by the illustrations of Cœur d’ArtiFlo which were shared well over 100 000 times over social media in France and around the world.

“A very good friend of mine runs a day nursery and asked me if I could draw protective measures for her little ones.
I thought it was a fantastic idea and then decided to also give these drawings to whoever might need them :
schools, day nurseries, even individuals… “ 
Cœur d’Artiflo

In order to successfully accomplish this task, our production company “Les Films du Cygne” teamed up with two animation studios, namely InTheBox and Le Studio Animation, to bring to life this series of very short animation films which aim to set out the main rules of hygiene and social distancing to pre and primary school children.

These illustrations and films are fantastic educational tools which are freely available on the website : Lesptitsloups.tv, but also on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…), and accessible to all those who may need them (schools, day nurseries, teachers or parents associations…).

The project was initially launched with us self-financing the first steps ,and then quickly caught the attention and support of cities such as Annecy, world capital of animation, and Saint-Mandé near Paris, the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, and many contributors from our crowdfunding on KissKissBankBank, not to forget off course the partnership with UNESCO which allowed us to create a range of new posters and films, available in 8 languages. 






Cœur d'Artiflo
The Illustrator

These wonderful illustrations spring out of Florence Prevost’s imagination , also known as Cœur d’Artiflo , who is also a happily married mother . She has been drawing since the age of 3, but after a career as an animator, she decided to devote herself to children’s illustrations and has been doing so for the past 3 years. She initially drew these posters as a favor for a friend, but they quickly spread over far beyond her expectations! Florence wants to draw again and again, to offer images that will carry away children’s hearts, to illustrate books and write tales.


Alexandre Charlet
Co-director and producer

Alexandre Charlet has worked on various feature films, TV movies and commercials as assistant director, stage manager and production manager. Producer at Les Films du Cygne and co-founder of Le Studio Animation, he directed a short film entitled Peter Pan a grandi et John Lennon est mort (Peter Pan has grown up and John Lennon is dead), which was selected in about fifty festivals, and also directed several documentaries and commercials, notably in animation for Boiron Laboratories. Touched by the talent and sensitivity of Coeur d’ArtiFlo, he immediately felt the need to bring these characters to life and now hopes that Les gestes à retenir / Rules to remember will become a series of educational approaches and attitudes covering various subjects such as the environment, safety, good manners, etc…


Madjid Chamekh
Co-director and producer

Passionate about cinema, visual effects and animation from a very young age, Madjid is self-trained and made of his long time passion his profession! He previously worked as a graphic designer, webmaster, 3D video game artist, 3D graphic designer for special effects, technical director and now manages his own studio, INTHEBOX, co-founded in 2011 with Mathieu Marin. Madjid has always been very observant of new technologies and how they can help us tell amazing stories and pass on emotions. He strongly believes in the spirit of initiative and when Alexandre suggested he animates Coeur d’ArtiFlo’s Illustrations, his enthusiasm was immediate !

Lesptitsloups.tv is yours!

You like and use our films & illustrations of Coeur d’Artiflo, share your drawings and your vision of this period, of the virus and these rules to remember. And share your photos & videos which illustrate how you use these educational tools. Finally, let us know your comments and other suggestions to go further by clicking here.

Pastilles ludo-éducatives - 9x25" - animation 2D 

Déclinées en 9 langues : anglais, espagnol, portugais (brésilien), portugais, allemand, chinois, russe, arabe et une version internationale. 
Diffusion TV : TV5 Monde
Diffusions annexes sur les réseaux sociaux et sur le site LesPtitsLoups, mais également au sein des 65 000 écoles élémentaires françaises et à l'international à travers les Instituts Français et l'UNESCO.

Réalisation : Alexandre Charlet et Madjid Chamekh
Auteure graphique : Florence Prevost (Coeur d'ArtiFlo)

En partenariat avec :


Une production de :


Avec les soutiens de :


Merci aux Talents de :

Iris Bonavitacola, Bernard Som, Rebecca Essler, Pascal Hoareau (Animation) David Wojcik, Amandine Lori-Soudan, Mathilde Remy, Lucie Thoc (Animation) Eleonore Leger, Philippe Jarland, Madjid Chamekh (Compositing) Philippe Viennet, Gilbert Grilli & Raphaël Monier (Bande-son), Alexia Wallemacq (Communication), Chris Burnel (Traductions) Marjorie Barraud, Thibaut Delahaye (Production) Alexandre Charlet, Madjid Chamekh & Mathieu Marin  (Production), Lou Monier, Eliott Detrez, Louis Burnel, Rafaela Menegazzo (Voix)

Un grand Merci aussi à :

Nathalie Hamelin, Coeur d’Artiflo & Pauline Hertault, celles par qui tout a commencé… Dominique Puthod, Eric Guttierez, Mickael Marin, Yannick Heude, Gregory Faes, Julien Weil Audrey Azoulay & Matthieu Guével Sophie Frilley, Stéphane Chirol, Vincent Guillaume, Rémi Godet et les studios partenaires de TitraFilm Nicolas Zago, Rémi Pricaz, Claudia Cutrì & Aurélien Kochalski, Stéphanie Bacelon, Guo Yuefeng Déborah Taïeb, Ho & Pauline Lam, Diana & Laurent Leroy, Atem Sabbag, Yacine El Badaoui, Anne-Leïla Haddad, Juan Pringault Jonathan Hazan, Ron Dyens & Alexandre Cornu, Juliette & Auguste, Esther, Salomé, Arthur & Fanny

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