By Andra Tévy

Andra Tévy was born in Bucharest in 1977. She arrived in France at the age of 18 and studied at FEMIS, in the image department. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a camera assistant for feature films by such outstanding directors as Tony Gatlif, Christophe Honoré, Hiner Saleem, Abdellatif Kechiche, and more. These experiences have nourrished and sharpened her artistic sense.At the same time, she attended drama, dance, and script-writing workshops.
Mur[The Wall], her first short film, was selected by some fifty international festivals, and won around fifteen awards. It was also selected for the 2016 César Awards. Directed in 2020, Summer Time is her second short film.Andra is currently writing her first feature film started during a screenplay writing workshop at FEMIS.

French Festivals:
. Festival Courts en Champagne in Ay (France, November 2014)
. 10th Festival Paris Courts Devant (France, November 2014) - Best Actress Award
. Festival des courts en hiver de Porto-Vecchio 2014 (France, January 2015) 
. 38ème Festival en plein air de Grenoble (France, July 2015)
. Festival Partie(s) de Campagne (France, July 2015)
. Festival Clap 2 jours 2015 of Méjannes le Clap (France, August 2015)
. Film Festival of Saint-Paul Trois Châteaux (France, October 2015)
. 32nd Mountain Film Festival of Autrans (France, December 2015)
. Short Film Festival of Velizy Villacoublay (France, February 2016)
. 8th Festival Armoricourt (France, March 2016) - Armoricourt Award
. 4th Festival du Film de Montagne Regards d’Altitudes à Barcelonnette (France, April 2016)

International Festivals:
. Cinemaforum 2014 (Poland, November 2014)
. Orobie Film Festival (Italy, January 2015) - Jury Special Mention
. El Corto del Ano (Spain, January 2015) - Jury Special Mention
. Cortex Festival International (Portugal, February 2015) - Jury Award Best International Short-film
. Sguardi Altrove Film Festival 2015 (Italy, March 2015)
. Video Festival Imperia (Italy, March 2015) - First Award – International​ Section
. International Short Film Festival of India (India, March 2015)
. Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Film Festival (Belarus, April 2015)
. Next International Film Festival Bucharest (Romania, April 2015)
. 32ème Busan International Short Film Festival (South Korea, April 2015)
. VIS Vienna Independent Shorts – 12th International Festival for Short Film (Austria, May 2015)
. 8th « A Corto di Donne », women’s Short Film Festival (Italy, June 2015) - Special Mention
. 30th Valencia International Film Festival Cinema Jove (Spain, June 2015) 
. Cinefiesta (Puerto Rico, July 2015)
. 26th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil, August 2015)
. 5th Sestriere Film Festival (Italy, August 2015)
. 11th Monterrey International Short Film Festival (Mexico, August 2015)
. 39th Open Air Filmfest Weiiterstadt (Germany, August 2015)
. Duhok International Film Festival (Irak, September 2015)
. FESCIGU Film Festival (Spain, September 2015)
. Kaohsiung Film Festival 2015 (Taiwan, October 2015)
. Petaluma International Film Festival (USA, October 2015)
. Women Make Film India 2015 (India, October 2015)
. Thess International Short Film Festival Thessaloniki (Greece, October 2015)
. Opgeedoekt (The Netherlands, November 2015)
. Festival Tübingen-Stuttgart (Germany, November 2015)
. 13th World Film Festival of Bangkok (Thailand, November 2015)
. Sound & Image Challenge Festival 2015 in MACAU (China, December 2015) -Audience Award & Best Fiction Award
. The 7th  Cairo Video Festival (Egypt, December 2015)
. 4th Delhi International Film Festival 2015 (India, December 2015) 
. Le Cinéma français aujourd’hui en Russie (Russia, December 2015)
. 27th Istanbul Int. Short Film Festival (Turkey, February 2016)
. Premio Internacional de Cine de Montana – Cuentamontes Movie (Spain, February 2016)
. 7th FECICAM Festival de Cine de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain, March 2016)
. OvertimeFilms Festival de Tematica Deportiva (Spain, March 2016)
. COLCOA French Film Festival 2016 (USA, April 2016)
. 7th BCN Sports Film Festival (Spain, May 2016)

TV Broadcasting:
. France 2
. Shorts TV (USA) 

Special Program:
. Program « Les Courts du Vendredi » 
. Association Le Zoom in Bourg en Bresse (France, November 2014)
. International Woman Day Screening in Charleville-Mézières (March 2015)
. Media Library in Reims (France, March 2015)
. Special Screening at the French Film Library (September 2015)

Synopsis: One winter evening, on a snowy weather, a woman is going to her job. The surroundings are hostile, the labour – backbreaking. And a window doesn’t close anymore : it snows inside the work space. The chore place becomes a land of adventures…

Drama - 17"30' - HD -16/9 - Coulor - France/Belgium 2014

Casting: Evelyne Didi, John Arnold, Véronique Levy
Director: Andra Tévy
Screenplay: Andra Tévy
Production: Jonathan Hazan
Sound : Loïc Pommiès
Editor: Isabelle Manquillet
Sound Editor: Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
Sound mix: Rémi Gérard
Compositor: Bertrand Gauguet

With the support of France 2, the CNC, The Val-de-Marne Department Fund, The Champagne-Ardenne Regional Fund, of Procirep-Angoa, 
The Centre du Cinéma et de l’audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and of Voo (TV-Net-Tel).
In co-production with Cookies Films (Belgium).