Directed by Mara Cerri & Magda Guidi

Mara Cerri was born in Pesaro in 1978. She attended the art institute “Scuola del libro” in Urbino, in the division of animated cinema, and later she attended two years of specialization at the same school. In 2003 she started to work as illustrator of children’s books, collaborating with some publishers in Italy ( Orecchio Acerbo, Fabbri, El, Carthusia, Fatatrac) and abroad (Grimm Press, Milan). She exposed at the International Biennial of Illustration in Bratislava, Bologna and Lisbon. She’s publishing her drawings on magazines and newspapers as “Il Manifesto”, ”Internazionale”, ”Carta”. In 2008 she received “Lo Straniero” award, from the homonymous magazine of Arts/Culture/Society, directed by Goffredo Fofi and she’s in continuous collaboration with it. Since 2006 she realizes illustrations for magazine and advertising,on behalf of the american’s agency “Riley Illustration”. In 2008 she started to work at the project of an illustated book : Via Curiel 8, and one year later it was published by Orecchio Acerbo. In meanwhile,the project Via Curiel 8 becomes also a film’s project, and it wins the jury’s award, and the Arte France award,  at the “Film Project Competition”of Annecy 2008. So she started a relationship with Sacrebleu productions, and Les Films Du Cygne, as producers of the film, and with Magda Guidi, authoress of animated films. She exposes at the Biennial of Venice in 2011.

MAGDA GUIDI was born in Pesaro in 1979.
She attended the art institute “Scuola del libro”, in Urbino, in the division of animated cinema and later she attended two years of specialization at the same school. She realized some animated short film, that were selected in several International Festival :
Si, però (2000): second prize at L’Attimo Fuggente-PesaroFilmFestival 2000 and second prize Videocinema-Pordenone 2001.
Nuova identità (2003), that is a videoclip for the italian band tre allegri ragazzi morti : Jury’s award Videozoom, Tornaco (NO) 2003.
-  Ecco, è ora (2004), Gran Prix Castelli Animati, Roma 2004.
In 2005 she draws an animated sequence for the short film “Il nano più alto del mondo”, directed by Francesco Amato and producted by the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome.
In 2009, together with Andrea Petrucci and Sergio Gutierrez, realizes an animated film ( 45 minutes) for teather show “L’ultima volta che vidi mio padre” directed by Chiara Guidi from Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio.
Via Curiel 8 (2011) is her last film, drawed, co-animated and co-directed by Mara Cerri.

French festivals :
. Festival du film d’animation de Bruz – AFCA (2012)
Special Mention of Jury Média

International festivals :
. Torino Film Festival (Italy, 2011)
Best Italian movie Award
. 8ème Animateka International Animated Film Festival (Slovenia, 2011)
. 19th International Trickfilm Festival - Festival of Animated Film of Stuttgart - Panorama (Germany, 2012)
. World Festival of Animated Film – Animfest Zagreb 2012 – Panorama (Croatia, 2012)
. Golden Kuker Sofia International Animation Film Festival 2012 (Bulgaria, 2012)
. Rabbitfest 2012 (Italia, 2012)
. 8ème édition of Lago Film Fest (Italia, 2012)
. FilmMakers & Muzik al Chiostro 2012 (Italia, 2012)
. Animanima Festival (Serbia, 2012)
. 8th World Festival of Animated Film varna 2012 - Panorama « Best of the World » (Bulgaria, 2012)
. Milano Film Festival (Italia, 2012)
. Festival AnifestROZAFA 2012 (Albania, 2012)
. Animage – IV Festival Internacional de animaçao de Pernambuco (Brasil, 2012)
. New Voices Film Festival Los Angeles (USA, 2012)
. The 4th International Festival of Animated Films « Tofuzi » (Georgia, 2012)
. Reggio Film Festival, Reggio Emilia (Italy, 2012)
. International Digital Film Festival Kinofest 2012 (Romania, 2012)
. ALTER-NATIVE 20 International Short Film Festival (Romania, 2012)
. Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams 2012 in Tallin (Estonia, 2012)
. 19th International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima 2012 (Poland, 2012)
. 21st Annual St Louis International Film Festival (USA, 2012)
. 8th Tehran Anima Festival (Iran, 2013)

TV Broadcasting & Internet :
. Arte
. CVS (VOD médiathèque)

Synopsis : An unexpected and casual rip puts Emma and Dario's memories in communication. It permits them to meet each other on an imaginary space and time in chich the overcoming of solitudes is still possible.

Animation - 8'36'' - HD - Color - 1.33 - Dolby SR - France/ Italie

Direction & Screenplay : Mara Cerri & Magda Guidi
Production : Ron Dyens, Jonathan Hazan, Alexandre Charlet, Mara Cerri, Magda Guidi
Sound Designer : Stefano Sasso
Sound Mix : Yann Veyrat
Editing : Boubkar Benzabat, Mara Cerri, Magda Guidi
Composer : Mara Cassiani et Stefano Sasso
Production Companies : Sacrebleu Productions, Les Films du Cygne

With the supports of the CNC, Arte, the Region Rhône-Alpes, and the Procirep-Angoa.