Directed by Joel Olivier

After having written and performed theater during 15 years, Joël Olivier decides to work for the cinema, his first passion. He wrote a first script of the short film Why not Snow White while you’re at it ? which received the Beaumarchais foundation Award, the First Price at the Naitonal Script Competition of Eure and the Best  Script Price at the French Films Festival of Albi. Then he wrote a second script of the short film I’ll be Zorro Someday which received also the Beaumarchais foundation Award, the Prize of the best script at the Lille Short Film Festival and obtains the support to creation of original music for the short film from the Maison du Film Court. During the production of these two films (which takes 2 years), Joel Olivier wrote a feature-film screenplay Meeting in Heaven who received the Beaumarchais foundation Award, the Prize Thot Fiction and obtains a writing workshop at the Moulin d’Andé. Then, with the company Les Films du Cygne, Joel Olivier finally directed simultaneous these first two short films.

French Festivals:
. 1er Short Film Festival « L’Ombre d’un court » of Jouy-en-Josas (2009)
​Audience Award
. 10th Festival du Film Court Francophone of Vaulx en Velin (2009)
. Aye Aye Films Festival (2009)
. Association M’as-tu-vu ? Festival (2009)
. 8ème Festival Provence, terre de Cinéma (2010)
. Festival des 24 courts 2010 (2010)
. Festival « Cours Charlie, Courts » – 1st Edition (2012)
Best Script Award
. 23rd « Meetings days Youth Cinema of Tarn » (2012)
Best Direction Award
. Festival Tomatrope (2013)
Audience Award

International Festivals:
. 22nd International Youth Film Festival Castellinaria of Bellinzona (Switzerland, 2009)
. AVANCA Film Festival 2010 (Portugal, 2010)
. 38th Festival of Nations (Austria, 2010)
Silver Bear
. 8th edition of the Manlleu Film Festival (Spain, 2010)
. Kinofilm 11 Manchester European Short Film Festival (UK, 2010)
. Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival (Italy, 2010)
. Cleveland International Film Festival (USA, 2010)

TV Broadcasting & Internet:
. RTI (Italy)
. Swedish Educational Broadcasting (Sweden)
. TV5 Monde (France)
. TV8 Clermont-Ferrand (France)
. Free VOD (France)
. CVS VOD (France)

Special Program:
. 11e Edition of the Short Screnplay Competition of The Departement de l’Eure (France 2010)
. Cinema Meeting in Martinique (France 2010)

Screening Theaters:
. French Cinema Washington « La Maison Française » (USA)
. Theater le France « Ciel ! Les Noctambules » Saint-Etienne (France)
. Espace Renoir « Ciel ! Les Noctambules » Rosanne (France)
. Theater l’Escurial – Paris (France)

Synopsis: Lucie, 7 years. Parental understanding, a peaceful life, a competent teacher, and why not Snow-White while you're at it ?

Comedy - 14' - 35mm - Color - 1,85 - Dolby SR - 2010

Cast: Pauline Scoupe-Fournier, Laurence Decaux, Olivier Léthoile
Direction & Screenplay: Joel Olivier
Production: Alexandre Charlet, Thierry Aflalou

Cinematographer: Jean-Marc Selva
Set Designer: Candice Baud
Costume Designer: Marie-Christine Médouze
Sound: Stéphane Roché
Composer: Jean-Marc Garrone
Production Companies: Les Films du Cygne, Comic Strip Production

With the supports of the Region Provence-Alpes Côt d'Azur, of the Department of Eure, with the partnership of CNC, the ADAMI and the Procirep/ Angoa.
The script received the Fondation Beaumarchais Award, First Price at the National Script Competition of Eure and the Best Script Price at the Albi Film Festival.