Directed by Guillaume Husson

Since he was very young, Guillaume Husson practiced choir from 1983 to 1987 as a soloist for the Manécanterie des Petits Chanteurs à la croix de bois. He discovered later video and theater at secondary school. After two years at a cinema school, he entered in 1995 the field of cinematographic & audiovisual production as a studio manager. At the same time, he directed several institutional movies.

In 1999, he directed his first short movie, My Best Wedding, starring Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Guillaume Gallienne and Mathieu Delarive (12 selections in festivals and 2 awards). Then came in 2006 his second fictional short-movie entitled The Last episode of Dallas, selected in 25 festivals and awarded once. He is currently developping two feature films screenplays co-written with Emilie Verzeaux, scriptwriter of Dallas.

In 2013, he directed a video clip for singer Barcella’s song « Salope », from the album Charabia. Together with Nicolas Tubert, he works on a mini series project entitled Précaires.

French Festivals :
. "Regards", Festival du court-métrage en plein de air de Grenoble (2006)
. Lama Film Festival (2006)
. Cinémages, Solliès-Pont (2006)
. Ni vu ni connu, Nannay (2006)
. Saint Benoit de la Réunion Short Film Festival (2006)
. Short in Escurial, Paris (2006)
. Short-Film Festival of Guérinière, Caen (2006)
. La Papiermühle Festival, Saint Avold (2006)
. Ecran Libre Festival, Aigues-Mortes (2006)
. Sarlat Film Festival (2006)
. Festi’valloire, Valloire (2007)
. Theater "Le Cinq" Opening at Lagny-sur-Marne (2007)
. Espoir en 35mm, Mulhouse (2007)
. CineM.A 35 en Fête Festival, Acigné (2007)
. 24 shorts Festival, Moncé en Belin/Bouloire (2007)
. Lille Short Film Festival (2007)

International Festivals :
. Leeds international film festival (UK, 2006)
. Festival du cinéma international de Rouyn Noranda (Quebec, 2006)
. Festival Pro Senectute, Martigny (Switzerland, 2007)

TV Broadcasting & Internet :
. TV5 Monde
. Orange Cinéma Séries (France)

Synopsis : Brothers from Champagne vineyards meet after the death of their father. Family reunion, forced for someones, goes sour. Without telling her, children have decided to place their mother in a nursing home.

Comedy – 16’ – Format : 35mm – 1,85 – Color – Dolby SR – France 2006

Casting : Dora Doll, Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Guillaume Gallienne, Vania Villers, Catherine Salviat, Anne Lefol, Bernard Alane, Nicole Dubois
Direction : Guillaume Husson
Screenplay : Guillaume et Emilie Husson
Production : Alexandre Charlet
Director of photography : Thomas Letellier
Design : Carole Charlier
Costumes : Christel Birot
Sound : Benoit Ouvrard
Editing : Stéphanie Merlet & William Lesage
Music: Barcella

With the support of the Procirep and the Angoa.