By Vanessa Clément

Vanessa Clément, 34 years old, lives in Paris. She has been working in the cinema and advertising business for more than 10 years.

She collaborated on the writing of several short, medium and feature films (winner of the Junior Best Screenplay in 2003). She developed her taste for writing and finally decided to direct her first short film, in 2011, entitled Three.

In the search of feminity and family life issues in movies, she works today on the development of a new short film for the Woman Project collection.

Alongside to her work as a coordinator of production, she works on the writing of several projects for the cinema. 

French Festivals:
. Festival Cinéma et Handicap (France, March 2015)
. 18th Festival Européen du Court-métrage de Bordeaux (France, April 2015)
. Kinoma Festival (France, April 2015)
. 18th Détours en Cinécourt (France, June 2015)
. Festival Handivers Horizons (France, June 2015)
. 6th Fest'Yves Arts (France, January 2016)

International Festivals:
. XVIIth FEC Festival European Short Film Festival from Reus (Spain, March 2015)
. Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (Italy, March 2015)
. Biennale Corto Helvetico al Femminile Festival Internazionale del cortometraggio (Switzerland, March 2015)
. Kalamazoo World Languages Film Festival (USA, March 2015)
. COLCOA French Film Festival (USA, April 2015)
. 11th International Short Film Festival Detmod (Germany, June 2015)
. Flickers: ​Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) (USA, August, 2015)
. 39th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany, August 2015)
. Anonimul IIFF (Romania, August 2015)
. Short Form- International Short Film Festival (Serbia, September 2015)
. FESCIGU Film Festival (Spain, September 2015)
. Festival « Extra & Ordinary People » of Namur (Belgium, November 2015)​
. 7th Festival Internacional de Cine para la Diversidad "Andoenredando" (Spain, November 2015)

TV Broadcasting & VOD:
. OCS (France)

DVD Distribution:
. COLACO (France)
. RDM Vidéo (France)

Screening Theaters:
. Courts à L’Escurial – Paris (France, January 2015) 

Synopsis: The fisrt few minutes of a first date. Time to get to know each other and arouse desire. A man like any other, a woman who seems like no other. Two people, together, about to take their first step.

Drama -13'30 - HD - 16/9 - Color - France 2014

Casting: Sarah Grappin , Antoine Mathieu
Script & Direction: Vanessa Clément
Production: Jonathan Hazan
Photography: Maurizio Tiella
Sound: Jérémie Vernerey
Editor: Nicolas Sarkissian
Sound Editor: François Loubeyre
Mixer: François Loubeyre

With the supports of the Urban Community of Strasbourg and the Procirep and the Angoa-Agicoa.