by Jarmila Buzkova

Jarmila Buzkova

She graduated from the FAMU (Prague's Film School) and the New York University (in the documentary). She worked as a 1rst AD from 1998 to 2005 with directors such as : Milos Forman, Benoît Jacquot, Raoul Ruiz, Robert Kramer, Nadine Trintignant....

Since 1997 she has written and directed documentaries including :
Latifa, a woman standing for the Republic, Audience Award at the FIPA 2017
Duels "Pierre Péan - Edwy Plenel : the knights of French journalism "
Duels " Matisse - Picasso : the coulour vs the line ", FIFA Montréal 2015
Anthropoid Operation, getting rid of the SS Heydrich, Rendez-vous de l'histoire in Blois, History International Festival in Pessac 2013
Vaclav Havel, the perpetual rebel, FIPA 2010
The Right Track, Cinemed festival 2009, Star of the SCAM Award 2010

Synopsis : In 1970, 5 years before the Veil Law, legalising abortion in France, we find out that thousands of abortions and sterilization took place on the Reunion island, against the will of these poor women. The doctors who operated them, pretented they needed benign surgery in order to be paid by the social security system. The violations of the law and the enormous fraude, conceal a policy to lower the birth rate supported by France in overseas french department.

After an extensive search, this film will be relate this murky historical episode of the Reunion Island and decipher how such terrible events took place without creating a scandal on a national level. The context is much more complicated than it seems and people were eager to forget this story, without ever worrying about what happened to these butchered women. We believe it to be vital to know what really happened in order to abide and let the new generation grow with a true and serene collective memory.

Documentary -  70' - France - 2019

Written and directed by : Jarmila Buzkova
Produced by : Alexandre Charlet et Jonathan Hazan

Images : Georgi Lazarevski
Additional Images : Jarmila Buzkova
Director's assistant : Gaëlle Dannet
Editing : Dominique Barbier
Sound : Julien Siegler
Illustrator : Hippolyte
Documentation : Carlos Dominguez-Lloret
Narration : François Caron

With the supports of France Ô, the region of Réunion and CNC (Selective production and Images of diversity Grants).

Broadcasted on France Ô.